Moving minds and saving the world. How? With the extraordinary.

Andreas Noe has hiked along the entire coast of Portugal from 15th of August till 11th of October to collect plastic and raise awareness about the need of a sustainable lifestyle. Over 58 days, he hiked, daily, 20 km in average without any break days and gathered groups to clean the beaches and call for action to


The coastline of Portugal counts 832 km. Within 58 days however, Andreas has hiked 1152 km – meaning that he has put more 320 km of effort into raising awareness.

Andreas‘ best friend is his Ukulele, with which he tackles the plastic issue with joy. His musical awareness approach proved to be a new and successful appeal to open eyes without finger pointing. He sang songs with over 100 NGOs, initiatives, schools, environmentalists, surf schools and companies.

The goal: Bringing together a community. Solving issues together.

Andreas included everyone on his way, as awareness can be spread the best together – not alone. After 58 days of his journey, he has connected with more than 100 NGOs, environmentalists and companies to push forward sustainability as a collective.

Even though 1,6 tons of plastic were collected – it´s not about cleaning! It´s about changing habits, reducing single-use plastic as much as possible and focus on a circular economy.“

Recycling is not efficient and needs to be improved all over the world. A lot of plastic which goes into the bin ends up being incinerated, landfilled or sent to other countries where our trash overloads their waste systems and finally enters the ocean via other routes. (Check out the documentary „The Story of Plastic„) Therefore, „Reduce, reuse, recycle“ is dangerous as we will always have a chance to recycle – hence, it´s always okay to consume. If we want to solve the plastic crisis, it should rather be called:


As a community, we can set Portugal as an example for a country that cares for the environment and protects the ocean. A documentary movie about the journey is now being created in which over 100 Portuguese voices of environmentalists will reflect issues and solutions along the coast of Portugal. Thanks to the film crew @camerawithnoname who are constantly giving their best in creating this master piece.

Together with NGOs and municipalities we are identifying these local and global issues and finding solutions by using the Plastic Hike network. We are not aiming for a nice documentary – we want it to bring change and solve real problems. Solutions in a community in the north can potentially solve issues in the south and vice versa. They just need to know about it. This documentary will be released 2021 and will be shown on various events (film festivals, schools, universities, bars, companies, municipalities and further platforms). Interested in a screening event? Send an email to

All 1,6 tons of trash was stored which will now be transformed into art pieces to increase the awareness and educational impact of the hike. 20 artists and schools were already confirming their attendance. First, all the art creations will be brought together in one big exhibition in summer 2021. Secondly, „The Plastic Hike Shadow“ will be created in which the art pieces will travel to their local artist’s residential areas in a public event. Showing art, showing the documentary, inviting NGOs and municipalities to raise awareness locally.

First art piece: A surfboard made of an old fridge, cigarette butts, corona masks, old trousers and plastic.

Art pieces, the documentary, talks and workshops can be booked for various events (temporary exhibitions, festivals, events): Booking via

If you like this approach and would like to support – check out this page.

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